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EuroGamer: Portal

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It's about technological domination. [10.0/10]

janosbiro created

Portal is a contemporary version of Chaplin’s Modern Times. The main character is a woman stuck in the machine, but the contemporary machine is no longer constraining the individual through repetitive body movements in order to produce material goods. The contemporary machine plays with our emotions in order to create science. What kind of scien...

SFStars Review [7.0/10]

SFStar created

Interesting gameplay, which makes your brain to work a little

snabdies Review [8.0/10]

snabdy created

Very good game. Not hard, but interesting puzzles. Every "gamer" certainly must play it

bunditos Review [10.0/10]

bundito created

It's a legend. It spawned a thousand memes. Cake jokes STILL turn up, 12 years later. That aside, it's one of the most surprising and awe-inspiring games I've played. Is it just a simple physics-based puzzle game? PLAY IT AND FIND OUT.

Fun first-person ray-gun based puzzle game [0.0/10]

Shawndroid created

A really fun first-person ray-gun based puzzle game. Best one I've played so far. The setting and dark humour really work to make the game enjoyable. The cake is a lie.

DaveyPs Review [10.0/10]

DaveyP created

This is my favorite game of all time. Yes it's short but it's perfectly paced, and has the best writing I've ever seen in a video game. I've beaten the game multiple times over the years, and it's a game I never get tired of.

[Spoilers]Portal - A drug, not a puzzle [8.6/10]

caloletti created

Portal can be finished in two hours if you're good at puzzles, they're not hard. When you start, you're introduced to GLaDoS. She's the one who's going to guide you. The game eliminates the stress and the frustration by inserting funny jokes and a LOT of easter eggs. It also has the best easter eggs I've ever seen, and Portal 2 was leaked in an ...