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joalllucas Review [10.0/10]

Eu posso me gabar e dizer que eu sou um amante dos puzzles, e posso dizer, ainda, que Portal soube trazer muito bem o estilo para a perspectiva 3D, com boas mecânicas e momentos desafiadores. Falei no 3D porque eu conheci o jogo, inicialmente, em uma versão 2D naqueles sites de jogos de browser online. Achei a ideia de criar portais para se tele...

Fun first-person ray-gun based puzzle game [0.0/10]

A really fun first-person ray-gun based puzzle game. Best one I've played so far. The setting and dark humour really work to make the game enjoyable. The cake is a lie.

mikalgs Review [8.0/10]

Portal is broken up into two parts. In the first part you have to solve puzzles in test chambers and in the second part you're trying to escape from the facility. For my first playthrough the first part didn't give me too much trouble, because the difficulty curve is very well done. However, during the second part I often didn't know how to prog...

saudedells Review [8.0/10]

Portal - PC (Windows 10) - 1080p - 120 fps - Max Settings My Playthrough lasted 3 hours, divided roughly in 2 parts: - 90% for puzzle solving - 10% for loading elevators The Story is almost non existent and pretty straightforward: solve testing areas and try to escape. The portal gun, however, is a blast to use. If not for the clunky g...

Portal [0.0/10]

Мы играем за подопытную, которой предстоит пройти 19 камер испытаний. Проходить мы будем эти камеры с помощью портальной пушки. Поначалу мы можем стрелять лишь одним порталом, но через несколько уровней нам дадут модифицированную версию пушки с двумя порталами. Игра находится во вселенной Half-Life и является спин-оффом, я надеялся найти тут отс...

DaveyPs Review [10.0/10]

This is my favorite game of all time. Yes it's short but it's perfectly paced, and has the best writing I've ever seen in a video game. I've beaten the game multiple times over the years, and it's a game I never get tired of.

bunditos Review [10.0/10]

It's a legend. It spawned a thousand memes. Cake jokes STILL turn up, 12 years later. That aside, it's one of the most surprising and awe-inspiring games I've played. Is it just a simple physics-based puzzle game? PLAY IT AND FIND OUT.

mercanatakans Review [10.0/10]

The masterpiece that is portal, being honest the game does kind of feel a little bit empty but even than it manages to get you into it. The progression and the genius tutorial is mind boggling, the game acts as a tutorial in its whole play.