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Postal 2 (Credits)

Running with Scissors

Vince DesiderioExecutive Producer
Mike RiedelProducer
Mike RiedelGame Concept
Mike RiedelDesign
Mike RiedelProgramming
Mike RiedelCinematics
Steve WikDesign Lead
Steve WikLevel Design
Steve WikTextures
Steve WikObject Models
Steve WikDialog Script
Steve WikPrint Art
Nathan FoutsAI & FX Programming
Nathan FoutsDesign
Bryan DillowLevel Design
Bryan DillowObject Models
Bryan DillowTextures
Bryan DillowCinematics
Josh LeichlerTextures Lead
Josh LeichlerCharacter Models
Josh LeichlerObject Models
Geoff NealeAnimation Lead
Geoff NealeGame Videos
Timothy KuderObject Models
Timothy KuderTextures
Timothy KuderCinematics
Mike Jaret-SchachterMarketing
Mike Jaret-SchachterTesting
Phil MurphyMarketing
Phil MurphyWeapons Consultant
Phil MurphyArmorer
Chris KellermanWebmaster
Chris KellermanCinematics
Jonathan IsabelleAdditional Programming
DJ CasselAdditional Modelling
Dawn MostowAdditional Modelling
Ben ShoreAdditional Modelling
Christian SalyerAudio
Eric KleinAudio
Emily BrowerManual Writer
Jessica RiedelManual Writer
Chris BaumanPrint/Marketing Art
Bryan BozziPrint/Marketing Art
Marc RousereTesting
Vinny DesiderioTesting
Brady JohnsonTesting
Jesse BrettTesting
Chris PetersTesting
2013 Updates
Jon MerchantProject Manager
Jon MerchantLevel Design
Jon MerchantCinematics
Bob RichardsonObject Models
Bob RichardsonTextures
Rick FoltzProgramming
Ron McMillenTesting
Tom WisemanObject models
Tom WisemanTextures
Gordon ChengAdditional Programming
Jake BreenAdditional Programming
Johnathan ChuAdditional Programming
Wade ArnoldAdditional Programming
Tom RichardsonAdditional Modeling
Craig LewisAdditional Modeling
Julian WellbrockAdditional Level Design
Jacob DavisTesting
Daivy MerlijsTesting


Postal 2

73 /100

Released: 2003

Try to live a week as The Postal Dude doing everyday chores on your to-do list, such as picking up milk at the grocery store. In a world where cats can be used as assault rifle silencers, it's not surprising that a...