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Pro Evolution Soccer 6

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Genre: Sport

Platforms: PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, PC (Microsoft Windows), Xbox 360, PlayStation 2

Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2006 expands upon the series' realism with faster gameplay, more responsive control and improved artificial intelligence. Players will now make intelligent runs without the ball, identifying opportunities and pointing to where they would like the ball to be delivered. Similarly, the game is now more physical, with defenders jockeying for position and strikers working to turn their opponent ... Read More

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Bad 40%

I was a fan of Pro Evo around the time of Pro Evo 6, having played all the games in the series previous. This was however the first Pro Evolution Soccer game that i got for the PSP, and i can definitely say that it doesn't work anywhere near as well as it does on the PS2. The gameplay itself isn't as good, with team-mate A.I. being especially painful. I found playing for more than two or three matches could become quite painful due to the positio... Read More