Project Abyss Press kit


Release Date:

PC (Microsoft Windows)




Project Abyss is a 2D RPG survival game.

Grab your mini-sub, and head to the deepest, darkest depths of the world! Explore the Abyss as you loot wreckages,earning money for upgrades; and buying sonar, drones etc. Swim with a variety of beautiful and deadly sea life inside and outside your submarine; unlocking new subs, commanding drones and more! Complete tasks to unlock new areas, uncover the mysteries below and face bosses that block your way!

Project Abyss is a stylish blend of combat and beautiful aquatic moments. With a great original soundtrack and original ambient sounds; we have created a living, breathing underwater world in pixel art graphics. We have a great collision system making much of the world destructible, from blowing up doors with C4 to get inside, to drilling and torpedoing your way through rock for fuel cells and chests.

Follow a story that unfolds as you progress. Loot interesting plotlines and discover why the trench is so protected, and what is in the darkness deep below.



There are far more images available for Project Abyss, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact the developer!

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