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Project Boundary

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Genre: Shooter

"Project Boundary(PB)" is a multi-player-first-person-shooter game project that focus on describing astronomical tactical experience of the near future. Player play as armed astronauts , fight zero-gravity battles in space and execute low-gravity operations on planetary stations.

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It is the near future.

We are in the age of rapid developing space travel technology.

Thanks to the invention of nano materials with perfect micro geometry, a super efficient earth-space travel system called “space elevator” suddenly made possible to build with only a very manageable cost.
Within years space elevator burst spread through out the globe.
Transporting by such elevators is very much affordable. Go to space rapidly become practical to everyone.

Tired of the heavily crowded and tightly confined earth, people flooded into the uncharted ocean of heaven, putting hands on everything they can have a grasp.

Merchants and pirates, mercenaries and outlaws, government and rebels, they eat and got eaten.

It is the Boundary between the old style life and the new one, the age of universal discovery and great competition is coming.