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Project Highrise (Credits)


Robert ZubekSomaSim
Matthew ViglioneSomaSim
Gediminas EinikisSomaSim
Kevin PaskowskiSomaSim

Kasedo Games

Jonathan HalesKasedo Games
Andrew McKerrowKasedo Games
Patrick Cahill (I)Kasedo Games
Martin TugendhatKasedo Games
Brian BlockCollaborator
David LeGareCollaborator
Ebyan Alvarez-BuyllaSpecial Thanks
Elaine BarlowSpecial Thanks
Hartmut BraunSpecial Thanks
Douglas CaixetaSpecial Thanks
Tim ConklingSpecial Thanks
Oreste GambaSpecial Thanks
Malachi GriffieSpecial Thanks
Ian HorswillSpecial Thanks
Mike Lee (II)Special Thanks
Christian LiljebergSpecial Thanks
Pavel LishinSpecial Thanks
Heather MaceSpecial Thanks
Alex RydzakSpecial Thanks
Paul TozourSpecial Thanks
Mark ViglioneSpecial Thanks
Mariusz ZubekSpecial Thanks


Project Highrise

69 /100

Released: 2016

Project Highrise is a Tower Building Business Management Simulator.

Managing your sky-scraping empire will be no easy task – growth will require a mastery of the various interlocking systems that are required for...