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Iroha Tamaki is a magical girl who has been having strange dreams of a girl at a hospital. She goes to Kamihama City to find the source of these dreams.

While tracking a witch, she comes across another magical girl (later identified as Kaede Akino). After saving Kaede from a familiar, Kaede explains the witches in Kamihama are very strong. Iroha claims she went to Kamihama to look for a small Kyubey. Kaede recognizes it, claiming it's been the only Kyubey around recently, and says she saw it in the witch's barrier. Iroha chases down the witch again and finds the small Kyubey, but is attacked by familiars. She falls unconcious and sees a vision of another magical girl, telling her to leave Kamihama.

After another dream of a the girl in the hospital, Iroha is awoken by a magical girl named Momoko Togame. Momoko takes Iroha to visit the "Adjuster" of Kamihama. This adjuster is a magical girl named Mitama Yakumo, who is incapable of fighting witches and familiars by herself. Her power let's her enhance the powers of other magical girls by touching their Soul Gems. When Yakumo uses her power on Iroha, Iroha sees the girl in the hospital again. Afterward, Mitama tells Iroha that when she uses her power on another magical girl she can see their past. She then asks Iroha if she remembers her wish. Iroha is shocked to find that she can't. Iroha immediately sets out to find the small Kyubey, believing it has answers.