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Already released Worldwide [WW] on PlayStation

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Worldwide [WW]PlayStation



Punky Skunk is not your ordinary skunk: he's an extreme-sports loving critter trying to save his friends from a kidnapping wolf named Badler. So begins this adventure of a hip skunk and his 30 levels of platforming action, taking him through the sky, across land, underneath the ground and over water. Multiple paths and bonus levels will offer some variety in this throwback to 2D platform games of the past.

In order to succeed, Punky must use various moves to fight enemies, avoid traps and find the flagpole signifying the end of the level. In addition, you'll be able to collect stars and 1-ups for extra lives, green orbs to replenish health, and gear icons outfitting Punky with one of six pieces of equipment: Paraglider, Inline Skates, Skysurfer, Pogo Stick, Jetpack or Diggers. Besides using the gear, Punky can either jump or attack enemies with his "spray." Skunk got you stumped? Not to worry, you can resume progress at the start of each cleared stage if you have a memory card.

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