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Pure Pool (Credits)

VooFoo Studios

Mark WilliamsTechnology Director
Shaun ReadCreative Producer
Matthew GolderProgrammer
Chris GilkesProgrammer
Tim RoundProgrammer
Sam DaulknerArtist
Chung WongArtist
Liam ShallooArtist
Emily CressCommunity Manager


Will ClarkeExecutive Producer
Leo CubbinExecutive Producer
Phil GaskellExecutive Producer
Paul HigginsExecutive Producer
Stephen GriffithsSenior Producer
Michelle SeniorPR & Marketing Manager
Ami LangtonPR & Marketing Manager
Alfred BojanglesHead of Bones
Localize DirectLocalisation (Support Company)


QA Performance
Andrew RobsonManaging Director
Harrison BakerProject Manager
Jamie PendletonProject Manager
Tom WatsonQA Lead
Matthew SpencerQA Tester
John LamplughQA Tester
Luke FramptonQA Tester
James TurnerQA Tester
Thom CottrellQA Tester

VMC Game Labs

Additional QA Performance
Adam RushTest Manager
Dejan ZahirovicSenior Test Lead
Craig RitchieTest Lead
Maeva DouillardQA Tester
Kevin HullQA Tester
Bradley KaneQA Tester
Kevin RughooQA Tester
Stephen SmithQA Tester

VooFoo Studios

EtchMusic Composer
Circle StudioMusic Recorded and Mixed at (Support Company)
Dan HaywardDrums
Adam SandersPiano / Keys
Stephen MarkBass
Steve WilleyGuitars
EtchMusic Programming


Pure Pool

80 /100

Released: 2014

Let the makers of Hustle Kings transport you to the slick and exhilarating world of Pure Pool. Experience a living, breathing, connected Pool Hall from the convenience of your own home and indulge spectacular visuals...