QP Shooting - Dangerous!!

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Genre: Arcade, Indie, Shooter

Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows)

A bullet Hell style game with 5 stages and 4 difficulty levels. The game play has 3 styles to chose from that affect the use of your hyper mode in-game. You can use the points earned from playing to unlock 28 different formations to use in-game and can have 3 picked at once to switch through during a stage. The game has an arcade and a conquest mode. Conquest mode allows you to save after each stage. The game also allows you ... Read More

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One day, pudding vanished from the world.
From convenience store shelves... from sweets recipes... from people's memories...
All signs that pudding had ever existed disappeared from the world entirely.
People were left unable to even question it...

- With the exception of just one girl -

The name of that girl is "QP".
Realizing that something had happened to the world to cause the change,
she sets out into the sky, seeking to bring pudding back.