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aysenthesys Review [6.0/10]

Over the last couple years, and especially over the eighth generation of videogames, some developers have strived more and more to make their games "cinematic". They manipulate the lighting, include long cutscenes and work on heavy narratives. Quantum Break is one of the clearest examples of this tendency, to an extent that it can only partly be...

ope5's review of Quantum Break [1.0/10]

Now, the game is actually mostly alright. The reason it is not worth playing is that the final boss is an insulting mess that completely overshadows any positive experience I had with the game before I got to it. It's just terrible. I could now write an essay on how the controls are bad, the pacing is good, the characters aren't great, the enemi...

mainlygravesinters Review [9.0/10]

For me, a really interesting story integrated into fun gameplay. Just the right amount of abilities, time-traveling and a potential for re-play.

prakygs Review [6.0/10]

The game has Remedy vibe to it. The corridors, boxes, containers, remind you of previous Remedy games. The graffiti looks cool. The environments are all lavish with detail. Although the coloring is definitely washed up. It looks drop dead gorgeous if you see a video, but during an intense battle, it might get in your way. With stutters where...