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Quest for Infamy (Credits)

Infamous Quests

Steven AlexanderProducer
Shawn MillsProducer
Matt KatinasExecutive Producer
James BroomAssociate Producer
Steven AlexanderStory
Shawn MillsAdditional Material
Jason LambAdditional Material
James BroomAdditional Material
Jeremy KitchenArt Director
Jenny PattisonPortrait & Character Design
Elissa NgBackground Artist
Jon StollBackground Artist
Ivan UlyanovBackground Artist
Jason LambBackground Artist
Daniel ThomasBackground Artist
Jeremy KitchenBackground Artist
Jenny PattisonBackground Artist
Jon StollLead Environmental Animator
Elissa NgLead Environmental Animator
Jeremy KitchenLead Environmental Animator
Arseni KondratenkoAnimator
Jeremy KitchenAnimator
Jason LambAnimator
Shane StevensAnimator
Elissa NgAnimator
Steven AlexanderAnimator
Jon StollAnimator
Matt FirthAnimator
James MulvaleComposer
James MulvaleAudio Editing & Sound Design
Elissa NgAudio Editing & Sound Design
Sunit DasMac & Linux Ports
GoatmealIQ & Medieval Pixel Font (Support Company)
Charles HubandProgramming
Shawn MillsProgramming
Josh WaltsProgramming
Steven AlexanderProgramming
Quality Assurance & Testing
Elissa NgLead Tester
Arseni KondratenkoLead Tester
Jason LambTester
Serena NelsonTester
Michael ShawTester
Robert MillsTester
Douglas BaxterTester
Jon StollTester
James BroomTester
John McMahonTester
Wayne SungTester
Branden TobinTester
Seth LudemanTester
Sven OsterleTester
Michelle DasTester
Special Thanks
Our Families, Wives, Children, Significant Others, Mother, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins & Friends. You all supported and believed in us when it was the hardest. We love you.
Our Amazing Fans who made this game a reality, through their generosity and through their spirit and determination to quality games by quality people. To all those who pledge through Kickstarter to make this game a reality - thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts. You all made dreams come true.
To all of those who have worked with us at various times over the last decade... We thank you!!!
AJ AlegriaSpecial Thanks
Alan DenzisSpecial Thanks
Pat ThompsonSpecial Thanks
Stephanie Femrite-StevensSpecial Thanks
Jason MearlsSpecial Thanks
John Paul SelwoodSpecial Thanks
Allister HoweSpecial Thanks
Mike GalushaSpecial Thanks
David Robert SmithSpecial Thanks
This game would not be possible without the help, advice, inspiratioon and guidance from the following people.
Chris JonesSpecial Thanks
Cesar BittarSpecial Thanks
Katie HallahanSpecial Thanks
Vitek GoyelSpecial Thanks
Scott SteinbergSpecial Thanks
Say MistageSpecial Thanks
Gonçalo GonçalvesSpecial Thanks
Mario KrollSpecial Thanks
Augustin CordesSpecial Thanks
Jan KavanSpecial Thanks
Matt GrandisSpecial Thanks
Lanev BerrySpecial Thanks
Dave GilbertSpecial Thanks
Janet GilbertSpecial Thanks
Ben ChandlerSpecial Thanks
Francisco GonzalezSpecial Thanks
Sujn van EmpelSpecial Thanks
Britnev BrimhallSpecial Thanks
Chris WarrenSpecial Thanks
Sean NicholsSpecial Thanks
Marco RosenbergSpecial Thanks
Scott MutphvSpecial Thanks
Josh MandelSpecial Thanks
Lori ColeSpecial Thanks
Corey ColeSpecial Thanks
Jane JensenSpecial Thanks
Mark CroweSpecial Thanks
Chris PopeSpecial Thanks
Serena NelsonSpecial Thanks
Ana SpragueSpecial Thanks
Annie HshSpecial Thanks
Idoia Irazuzta FernandezSpecial Thanks
Dan PeachSpecial Thanks
Adam WrotenSpecial Thanks
Ronald DragstraSpecial Thanks
and everyone else out there who has supported us over the years! THANK YOU!
Dee (Bridget) ConnollyIn Loving Memory