Raiden II

Excellent sequel to the classic original "Raiden". As in the original, players control a fighter jet/spaceship through various levels while shooting down other planes and bombing tanks on the ground.

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Review: Trtreibers Review

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Much better than the first one, but still SUUUPER hard. Loved the addition of the purple laser thing, like that you don't have to do the same damn section over again if you die (which happens a lot). Really good looking for a simple game.

Score Breakdown

"The Tale"
Story- 6
Pacing- 8
Characters- 5
Originality- 7
Linearity- 4
Length- 9
Epicness- 8

"The Presentation"
Visuals- 8
Display- 7
Music- 7
Sound FX- 9

"The Mechanics"
Ease of Use- 6
Innovation- 8
Replayability- 8

Positive points
  • Great length
  • awesome sound design
Negative points
  • Ultra linear


Total score