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Rampage 2: Universal Tour

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Genre: Arcade

Platforms: PlayStation, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64

Players choose one of the three original monsters to rescue. The player then uses the characters in the part of the world where the rescue is held. They work as a collective to break buildings, eat people, and destroy cars and this creates competition among players. When a player (literally) unlocks George, Lizzie, or Ralph, then they become playable characters. Once all the monsters are rescued, aliens begin to invade the ear... Read More

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George, Lizzie, and Ralph have been captured and confined for the world to see. George is held captive in New York City, Lizzie is imprisoned in Tokyo, and Ralph is stored in London (references to King Kong, Godzilla, and Werewolf of London (or An American Werewolf in London, respectively). However, Scumlabs, who has just rebuilt their facilities in Salt Lake City, causes another accident that results in three new monsters: Boris, a rhinoceros, Curtis, a mouse, and Ruby, a lobster.