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Rance Quest follows where it left off after the events of Sengoku Rance. Rance leaves JAPAN along with Suzume with the objective of visiting Pencilcow and request the Kalar for help with the curse that keeps his slave Sill Plain encased in an unbreakable ice. Rance starts living in the new city founded by Copandon called CITY, where Rance just slacks off for a while, sometimes taking cheap missions. He saves a common girl called Sachiko Centers from monsters, but in exchange turns her into his new slave to replace Sill.

A few months pass with them just playing around until he finally decides to visit the Kalar in order to have sex with the Queen Pastel Kalar, and ask her about Sill's curse "while he's at it". However, upon interrupting and raping the Queen during a secret ritual, she places the dreaded Morurun Curse on him, which prevents him from H-ing women under level 35.

From that point, Rance adventures literally all over The Continent for various purposes while looking for a cure for Sill's curse and his own, but over the course of the game he will be forced to fight against many odd turns of events that are secretly manipulated by a dark organization.