RapeLay drew a great deal of controversy and made global headlines when western press and politicians discovered it back in 2009. It eventually led the Japanese government to start regulating the sale of rape games.

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Review: Artexjays Review

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Story is quite frankly crap. A guy decides to get his revenge in a rapey fashion on a family because one of the girls called the police on him when he was trying to push himself onto another girl. Pacing is good though it doesn't stay on one scene too long once a scene is over it goes to the next. The characters are shallow and have no substance to them. The game isn't very original it's pretty much a rapey simulator... It's very linear has no side stories going on and no choices to make for the character. Length is quite short if you skip through the badly translated dialogue and know how to do the scenes. Otherwise it gets a bit long and somewhat tedious to do the same thing over and over again.

The character models for the girls are kinda appealing albeit a bit uncanny for me. The environment shown isn't filled with detail but there is some detail nonetheless. Visuals for the adult scenes are honestly laughable at times having a few key parts missing from the scene. The music is mediocre at best it's good to have if lowered and heard as a real background sound. Sound FX are alright too but the moaning and voices do get annoying as well as some other sounds. They did a good job though with capturing the sounds on a subway but that's about all i can give as a complement for this game.

Ease of Use is a bit low, it's quite hard at first to understand what the controls are and what is going on really. But once you get used to it then it gets easier. Replayability is non-existant for this game. Once you finish it's done. One does not have a need to restart and try to find some sort of sequel.

Score Breakdown

Story- 3
Pacing- 10
Characters- 4
Originality- 3
Linearity- 10
Length- 5
Total Plot = 58%

Visuals- 6
Music- 2
Sound FX- 5
Total Presentation =43%

Ease of Use- 6
Replayability- 0
Total Mechanics = 30%

====Grand Total====


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