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Rayman (Credits)

Ubisoft Montpellier

Michel AncelConcept
Frederic HoudeConcept
Alexandra SteibleCharacters Creation
Michel AncelDesign
Serge HascoëtDesign
Bruno BouvretDesign
Sacha GentilhommeDesign
Michael GuezDesign
Christophe ThibautDesign
Alexandra SteibleAnimation
Kamal AitmihoubAnimation
David GilsonAnimation
Sophie EsturgieAnimation
Jacques ExertieAnimation
Gregoire PonsAnimation
Veronique RondelloAnimation
Beatrice SauterauAnimation
Philippe VindoletAnimation
Christian VolckmanAnimation
Eric PelatanBackgrounds Creation
Sylvaine JennyBackgrounds Creation
Jean-Christophe AlessandriComputer Graphics
Sophie AncelComputer Graphics
Nicolas BocouillonComputer Graphics
Jean-Marc GeffroyComputer Graphics
Laurent RettigComputer Graphics
Olivier SoleilComputer Graphics
Vincent GrecoProgramming
Yann le TensorerProgramming
Daniel PalixProgramming
Olivier CouvreurProgramming
Pierrick CrepyProgramming
Antoine DodensProgramming
Eric DonnatProgramming
Antonio FerreiraProgramming
Philippe FuentesProgramming
Benoit GermainProgramming
Bertrand HeliasProgramming
Frederic HoudeProgramming
Frederic LaudetProgramming
Francois MahieuProgramming
Cristian MihalacheProgramming
Sebastien MorinProgramming
Bogdan RadusiProgramming
Daniel RaviartProgramming
Olivier RozierProgramming
Gilles VanwalleghemProgramming
Stephane BellangerSound FX and Music
Didier LordSound FX and Music
Sylvain BrunetSound FX and Music
Nathalie DrovetSound FX and Music
Dominique DumontSound FX and Music
Kamel FeumasSound FX and Music
Remy GazelSound FX and Music
Didier LegliseSound FX and Music
Jean Marc LitchmannSound FX and Music
Frederic LouvreSound FX and Music
Olivier MortierSound FX and Music
Frederic PradosSound FX and Music
Stephane RonseSound FX and Music
Rene de WaelSound FX and Music
Olaf ZalcmanSound FX and Music
Serge HascoëtTests
Bruno BaroneTests
Thomas BelmontTests
Nicolas BocouillonTests
Bruno BouvretTests
Christophe CavelanTests
Gunther GalipotTests
Sacha GentilhommeTests
Marc GioanTests
Michael GuezTests
Benoit MaconTests
Lionel RicoTests
Emmanuel TexandierTests
Christophe ThibautTests
Dorian ThibautTests
Agnes HaegelProject Management
LudiMediaProducer (Support Company)
Gerard GuillemotProducer
Ubi Studios
Michel GuillemotDevelopment
Ubisoft EntertainmentPublishing (Support Company)
Yves GuillemotPublisher
Special thanks to the many others who worked on the project.


81 /100

Released: 1995

Rayman combines a challenging nonlinear platform style with striking animation. Come face to face with over 50 outrageous creatures in six mind-boggling worlds, in over 30 different levels. Accumulate and put together...