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Genre: Shooter

Platforms: PlayStation

RayStorm is a scrolling shooter set hundreds of years in the future, and was one of the launch titles for the Sony PlayStation. RayStorm consists of eight stages where players must pilot their "R-Gray" spaceships shooting down anything that moves. Like all of the games in the Ray Series, enemies can be shot down with a primary weapon or by holding down a missile button to lock on to multiple enemies.

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The year is 2219 and the Secilia Federation has initiated a plan to destroy Earth. So far, the evil federation has been highly successful in destroying much of the planet's defensive forces and resources. With world destruction at hand, the fate of mankind is looking for a savior.

Unbeknownst to the federation, the Star Federation, an Earth-based organization, has been developing two highly sophisticated aircraft known as the R-Gray prototypes. These destructive machines are packed with homing missiles, laser cannons and other crippling weapons. As the planet's hero, you'll control either R-Gray ship, taking to the skies in a desperate mission to stop the Secilia Federation from carrying out their plans.