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Game is already released

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I was so tired of seeing aimless video games with little or NO resemblance to real drag racing. So i decided to make my own App.. and the response has been over whelming! only REAL DRAGS has the following: 1) Clutch & Gears... no game has holding down a clutch and shifting gears 2) 2 Player Racing via Bluetooth/Wifi-D... no game can make 2 players race in real time 3) Share Races via Messengers.... send your race/challenge to a friend via any social media messenger(you decide which race & to whom you need to send it too) 4) Racing Profiles... actual profiles that have a weakness that you have to rethink how to defeat 5) Driver Performance Rating... not just 1 race, but 3 races to decide on your real ability that include a Qmile, 1km & your Reaction times! So no 1 time flukes! So its more of a real test of skill for real racers/gamers rather than an ego ride for panzies who love fake talk!

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