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Releasing: November 04, 2008

Take the field and prepare for true-to-life soccer action. Seize control of the ball and execute your most incredible moves to maneuver past your opposition and score solidly in the goal. Dazzle the spectators with your soccer prowess as you dominate the field at some of the world's coolest stadiums. Do you have the playing skills to take your team to victory?

-Exclusive Nintendo DS stylus controls allow you to easily perform the most amazing soccer moves on the Touch Screen
-A multiplayer mode to face up to 3 friends in heated tournaments (Multi-Card Play)
-6 different leagues and 198 teams (national and club) with real players' names thanks to the FIFPro license
-Experience the atmosphere of 12 great soccer stadiums including Milan, Manchester, and Madrid
-Manage the team's strategy using the Nintendo DS stylus in real time during the match