Reggie's Adventures: Part 1 - Escape From Paradise Press kit


Release Date:

PC (Microsoft Windows)



You play the part of 'Reggie Rich', an aristocratic playboy who crashes his helicopter and gets marooned on a tropical island. Local fisherman 'Randy Muffin' offers to take Reggie back to his yacht but only after completing a challenge, which luckily enough for Reggie is to seduce all the gorgeous Island girls!

However, it's not an easy task to charm the girls, so Reggie's travels will include gambling, playing the slot machines, solving cryptic puzzles, and lots, lots more......All set within spectacular locations including hot tubs, lap dancing club, casino, and you can even go to the movies! Can you help Reggie seduce all the sexy girls? If so, the rewards will be a treat for both Reggie and you!


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)