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Other games inspired by this [6.6/10]

Stoltenberg created

This game has mechanics that you will find in other, more popular games like The Division. If you buy this game now, in 2016, you'll see what I mean. The game has a high production value, no doubt. Great music, great sounds, great graphics (Unreal engine) but the controls are somewhat awkward. I only played with keyboard and mouse, so maybe I...

Remember Remember Me? [0.0/10]

SystemNotFound created

What if everyone have a chance to trade their memory in order to gain personal or company profit in the near future, and there are contrarian who oppose the idea and want to eradicate the memory corporatism by becoming errorist that manipulate someone memory. That’s the premise about Remember Me, an interesting concept for a story background to ...

fahadahmeds Review [8.0/10]

fahadahmed created

The game visuals was too good. i love the visuals a lot.. Then comes the gameplay and story. Both was good too. I just love the game that's what i want to say.