Resident Evil 2 Reviews

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A return to what made this series great. [10.0/10]

G_Whizard created

This is a near perfect remake. I still prefer the remake of the original game to this one for one simple reason. I think the original remake goes just a step further. They added in some interesting twists that elevated it a bit. If I had to fault RE2 for anything. It's that it plays it too safe. That being said. This is a gorgeous, incredibly fu...

Trtreibers Review [9.0/10]

Trtreiber created

Almost everything about this game is perfect- the innovation, the expanding of characters stories and arcs, the reimagining of events that are more grounded and stremalined, etc, etc, etc. It's hard not to give this game a 10 honestly, but the only thing that's kind of missing is maybe the buildup and payoff part of the story that I felt got un...