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CultureOfGamings Review [8.0/10]

Resident Evil 3 is the video game equivalent of Die Hard. It has great characters, a simple yet effective story, a terrifying villain, astounding action, and it’s a great time. Also like a movie, the remake of Resident Evil 3 struggles under the weight of what came before it. Back in RC The newest game in the RE franchise landed on Friday 3rd A...

dannad11s Review [8.0/10]

Great game, but it doesn't feel like the original, so it doesn't give me the hit of nostalgia that I was hoping for.

Lichking78's review of Resident Evil 3 [10.0/10]

Great game, its a remake. Very different from the original on PS1. Took me 13 hours to clear. The start is a bit off with the first person view for first few minutes but than returns to how it should be.

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sighalot's review of Resident Evil 3 [6.0/10]

RE3 isn't bad, it's just very.. forgettable. It adds almost no discernible differences from RE2 (in fact it even reuses gear, gameplay, and locations). It plays well, looks good enough, but yeah.. more like RE2.5. Really the only reason i played it in the first place is because i bought a bundle of 2+3, on sale. So if you're an Resident Evil ...