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Resonance of Fate

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Genre: Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Resonance of Fate takes place on Earth in the distant future. When atmospheric pollution nearly annihilates life on Earth, the remnants of humanity construct a purification system called Basel. In time, the surviving human population create a civilization around Basel's central tower, watched over by its mechanical core Zenith. Zenith ties human lives to quartz stones, making them immune to the pollution while giving them pred... Read More

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In a distant future, the earth decayed to the point where life as we knew no longer existed. Toxins in the air poisoned the land and water, and earth's warped axis even robbed us of time. The human race, unable to adapt to the changes brought by such harsh environmental destruction, rapidly began to die out as a species.

Those that survived created Basel, a gigantic structure embedded beneath the earth, designed to purify the atmosphere and normalize the environment. Little by little, life began to reassert itself as people formed civilizations around Basel, but as more and more people withdrew into this tiny world constructed by man, they came to repeat the mistakes of the past... Thus begins the story of a world nearing it's end, and the intertwining fates of those who inhabit it.