Reventure could be described as a "choose your own adventure" book in the shape of a 2D platformer. It starts out from the classic monomyth premise: "You are a hero, the princess is in danger, go rescue her!" but it quickly gets more ...

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Review: M4gg0ts Review

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This game is a lot of fun! With a very standard premise, but with many twist. Also 100 different endings!

Positive points
  • -Cute pixel art
  • -Lenght is right imo, it took me 13 hours to reach 100%
  • -Many fun and silly endings
  • -Music is good
  • -References and secrets to look for
Negative points
  • -It can get boring after a while
  • -Not enough music tracks! After some hours they kinda start to drill into your cranius


Total score