An Action RPG about Utopia/Dystopia balance.

We are in a world with two major cities striving for Utopia.
In the first city, called Visthansia, people can have two microchips on them. The first one doesn't allow them to hurt other people. The second one calls the police if they're in trouble. These microchips are not mandatory and people get paid a basic salary for having one on or double the money for both.
Also, these chips are used for the economy, so if a person has a positive thought about the actions of another person the other person gets some money and vice versa.

In this world, there are also some creatures that affect the area around them in different ways. One of these creatures has stolen the voices of children from the first city, so the children have to use Sign Language to communicate.

Your journey begins when Aeloras, a police student in the city of Visthansia, needs to defeat a memories manipulating creature to graduate. He finds and defeats the creature and passes out.

He wakes up in a village that is in an eternal 3-day cycle. On the first day villagers of the past appear in the village, on the second day villagers of the present and on the third day villagers of the future. These villagers can communicate through an object called The Board and exchange items through an object called The Box.

His saviour tells Aeloras that he's been infected by a disease where a person presents a mark somewhere on their body and another person somewhere in the world presents the exact same mark. The two people have to meet and go to the hospital to install a Reverse Module or they will die.

Aeloras can't find his Pair in Visthansia's database so he embarks on a journey to go to Gaia, the second city, where people can surgically change their likes/dislikes at will. So for example if someone don't like their job they can make themselves like it.

Along the way you will fight unique creatures, meet interesting people and be presented with conflicting and thought provoking concepts that aim to give you a fresh experience that will remain with you for long time.

The final goal of the game is to create an experience that will provide food for thought, something that's sorely missing from the gaming industry these days.

The game is dedicated to my lost nice named Ilaeira who died so unjustly and my family without whom I wouldn't have come nearly this far.

Release Dates
Game Mode
Single player
Adventure, Role-playing (RPG), Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Action, Fantasy, Science fiction
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