Riddle of the Sphinx Press kit



Release Date:

Atari 2600



The land of Eypt is cursed and it is up to the pharaoh's son to lift the curse. In order to do so he has to wander through the hot desert and collect treasure from ancient pyramids and temples. He will encounter poisonous scorpions, violent thieves who will steal the prince's collected items and the evil and invincible god Anubis himself. To make matters worse, the prince has to fight thirst in finding some of the rare oases scattered throughout the desert. But the prince will also encounter the good goddess Thetis and friendly traders who will give up willingly some of their items in order the help the prince on his quest. Only if he solves the riddle and brings the right items to the Great Sphinx he will eventually lift the curse.


Inspired by presskit() by Rami Ismail(Vlambeer)