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MetalFishes Review [10.0/10]

MetalFish created

This game is amazing. You want to go on an adventure? Just plain and simple adventure and wonder what comes out? This game is for you. The game has no text, no characters will talk to you. Yet as you progress, the story is being told to you through beautiful worldbuilding, visuals and music. You start curious in this new world, explore and littl...

How to explore unkown islands that could be taken from Wind waker, by Dummies [8.0/10]

kimono created

After Four long years of development, tons of bad news and polemics surrounding it, and mixed reviews here and there, does Rime stand our expectations? Well... that is a good answer. Rime has two mistakes, that in retrospective it's only one: it tried to be Fumito Ueda, without being Fumito Ueda. It is a game that wants you to feel emotions a...

fahadahmeds Review [9.0/10]

fahadahmed created

i just love this game. The visuals of the game was so good. the forest ,underwater world and the surrounding was damn good.. the game ending nearly make me cry :(