A third-person exploratory action/adventure title in which a boy ends up on a mysterious island and makes his way through its highly stylized environments, containing puzzles and slight navigation challenges, to get to the bottom of why ...

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Review: MetalFishes Review

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This game is amazing. You want to go on an adventure? Just plain and simple adventure and wonder what comes out? This game is for you. The game has no text, no characters will talk to you. Yet as you progress, the story is being told to you through beautiful worldbuilding, visuals and music. You start curious in this new world, explore and little by little all the pieces come together. This game is an amazing ride, and I can't spoil the message since you just have to get it yourself! It's better that way, believe me! So trust, jump and enjoy this beautifully crafted masterpiece.

Positive points
  • Excellent music.
  • Excellent ending. (Lots of feels)
  • Really good and intuitive gameplay.
  • Excellent puzzles design and plattaforming (The game teaches you as you go alone and it is challenging while not being difficult at all).
Negative points
  • I can not say anything negative. This game is what it is and dosen't really need improvements. It even has achievements for people that are into those.


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