Rise of the Tomb Raider

Genre: Shooter, Adventure

Join Lara Croft on her first great tomb raiding expedition as she seeks to discover the secret of immortality. Featuring high-octane action set in the most beautiful and hostile environments on earth, Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers cinematic survival action-adventure.

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46 reviews

Great 96%

I loved this game. The story was great. Lots of drama and deep emotional events that really drove the game forward. I'm not going to spoil too much. The gameplay was great. Everything worked smoothly. It froze on me once. But then unfroze. I've never seen a game unfreeze. I love the obstacles. Climbing and jumping through crumbling landscapes. Graphics are improved of coarse. Lara Croft's face changed. Not bad or weird. It's just animated diffe... Read More
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16 reviews

Alright 80%

EyeCandy: The visuals of this newest Tomb Raider are great. The environment and texture artists really outdid themselves in this installment driving home an authentic feel of wherever the journey takes you. A lot of time, detail, and professionalism went into the world of Lara's adventure and it shows. I myself have never been to Russian prisons, mass grave sites and torture chambers, or Byzantine tombs, but if I ever do end up in one of those b... Read More


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This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Lara Croft, an explorer searching for an ancient artifact. From a third-person perspective, players use pistols, shotguns, knives, and explosives to battle various enemies (e.g., soldiers, animals, ancient warriors). Players use stealth kills (e.g., stabbing enemies in the neck, cutting enemies' throats, strangling) to dispatch unsuspecting soldiers. Battles can be frenetic, with realistic gunfire, cries of pain, explosions, and large splashes of blood. Some sequences show Lara getting shot, beaten, or dramatically impaled by swords/spiked traps. One area depicts a horde of corpses burned and disfigured by a fire; severed limbs and heads are occasionally shown on the ground. The words “f**k” and “sh*t” can be heard in the dialogue.
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 18 years and over only. It contains: Extreme violence - Strong language
Bad LanguageViolence

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