Time until Robocalypse release!

Already released in North America [NA] on Nintendo DS

RegionTime leftPlatform
North America [NA]Nintendo DS



-- Robots with Attitude - Infuses madcap cartoon humor into the heat of battle by giving robots distinct attitudes and personalities. Over 10 distinct robot types with specialized skills and weapons

-- Madcap Weapons - Over 20 groundbreaking weapon types with laugh out loud destruction and spectacular visual effects, including, Converter Cannons, Falling Anvils Head-Crack'n Gauntlet and Digitizers

-- Total Stylus Control - Simplified controls and Action Flag system reduces the complexity of commanding units. No buttons - just point and tap

-- Multiplayer Mayhem - 2 to 4 Multiplayer WiFi - Play head to head or Co-op with unique maps, multiple play modes and Hall of Fame

-- Heroes Win the War - Courageous Heroes who can single handedly turn the tide of battle with powerful abilities that can be upgraded into devastating capabilities like Rampage Mode, Conversion (turn enemies into refrigerators) and Leadership (the ability to unite soldiers into a single fighting unit)