Age Rating for Rock Band 3

This is a music and rhythm simulation game in which players perform songs along with on-screen avatars. Players simulate playing guitar, bass, or drums and are scored based on the accuracy of notes hit. Some song lyrics contain references to drugs (e.g., "I'd like to buy the world a toke" and "Put away the crack before the crack puts you away") and suggestive themes (e.g., "It's as anatomic as the size of your steeple" and "while the preacher is teasing all the pretty little boys"). Players can customize various aspects of the avatars' appearance, including their outfits; some outfits are revealing (e.g., cleavage, garter belts and fishnet stockings), and others include suggestive names and descriptions (e.g., "Studded for your pleasure," "Like a Virgin," and "Melange a Trois"). During one cutscene, a character stumbles around drunk as his vision gets blurry; another scene involves a character drinking from a beer bottle on stage.