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Rocket League (Credits)


Dave HagewoodStudio Director
Jeremy DunhamDirector of Marketing & Communications
Thomas SillowayProject Lead
Sarah HebblerProducer
Jared AdkinsDevelopment
Jonathan AlbertDevelopment
Mike AultDevelopment
Jake BaetDevelopment
Shane BarberDevelopment
Adam BeckwithDevelopment
Ben BeckwithDevelopment
Skylar BreenDevelopment
Tracey BulliungDevelopment
Nathan CameronDevelopment
Michael Vincent CastroDevelopment
Jared ConeDevelopment
Corey DavisDevelopment
Mitchell DavisDevelopment
Jimi DossDevelopment
Xavier GonzalesDevelopment
Jonathan HayterDevelopment
Jerad HeckDevelopment
Young Kuyn KimDevelopment
Hak Seung LeeDevelopment
Edison LuongDevelopment
Phillip ManningDevelopment
Jamien McBrideDevelopment
Bobby McCoinDevelopment
Chris MeleDevelopment
Jason NewhouseDevelopment
John PowellDevelopment
Thomas SillowayDevelopment
Morgan SnightDevelopment
Shawn StoneDevelopment
Dan WeissDevelopment
Ziv WongDevelopment
Travis WrightDevelopment
Kevin WuDevelopment
Jay ZhangDevelopment
Dallas HaymesQuality Assurance
Mark LozanoQuality Assurance
Greg NicholsQuality Assurance
Jacob RexiusQuality Assurance
Josh WatsonQuality Assurance
Erich BeckmannAdditional Support
Jessica HagewoodAdditional Support
Eric MajkaAdditional Support
Todd MoultonAdditional Support
Judd RoyAdditional Support
Reverb CommunicationsNorth American Public Relations (Support Company)
Lunch PREuropean Public Relations (Support Company)
Epic Games, Inc.Special Thanks (Support Company)
Matt AtwoodSpecial Thanks
Shane BettenhausenSpecial Thanks
Alessandro BovenziSpecial Thanks
Meredith BraunSpecial Thanks
Bryan DaviesSpecial Thanks
Summee FarooqiSpecial Thanks
Hector R. FernandezSpecial Thanks
Nathan GarySpecial Thanks
Kael HammondSpecial Thanks
Douglass C. PerrySpecial Thanks
Scott RohdeSpecial Thanks
Ivan SulicSpecial Thanks
Danielle WoodyattSpecial Thanks
GreensockSpecial Thanks (Support Company)
Andrea Toledo (Andreaa07)Special Thanks
Eric Bunese (Eric)Special Thanks
Dominik Kaseberg (Incredipede)Special Thanks
Youri Sanders (Xkoeckiiej)Special Thanks
Adriano Ceccotti (Pegasus2k)Special Thanks
Lenny Pandor (Yann2lenn1)Special Thanks
The Empire StateMusic
Mike AultMusic
Avianna AcidMusic
Christian De La TorreMusic
Morgan PerryMusic
Hollywood PrincipleMusic
Dr. AwkwardMusic
Vince VandalMusic
New NativesMusic
AdamB MetalMusic


Rocket League

83 /100

Released: 2015

Soccer meets racing once again in our long-awaited, MP-focused sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!

A futuristic Sports-Action game, Rocket League, equips players with booster-rigged vehicles...