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clett2004s Review [10.0/10]

clett2004 created

Great Game! My favorite game of all time. You get roped into this same and you can't stop.

Oreox4s Review [8.0/10]

Oreox4 created

This game is great! Online is really fun. Ranked isn't my favorite but unranked rooms are awesome. single player features are awesome for when the servers are down or when you don't have WiFi. There's a lot of maps you can get off of the steam workshop. Some really creative things have come out of that. There's multiple fun modes you can play, a...

n_e_e_ts Review [10.0/10]

n_e_e_t created

Rocket League is one of, if not the most defining and outlasting experiences in modern gaming. period. it's as easy as pick up and play but with a high skill ceiling and rank system which you climb as your talents emerge through rigorous practice. Rocket League is not just a sport game, but an achievement in kinesthetic emulation in the video ga...