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Rogue Legacy

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Genre: Arcade, Indie, Platform, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network

You control a family of characters one at a time, and when your character dies, you choose who his or her successor is, whether it is a barbarian son of yours who has OCD, your daughter who became a ninja even though she can't see well, an assassin who is fighting for the gays, or a miner who wants to collect gold! Traits are randomized each time upon death, leading to multiple playthroughs with 35 traits, each character will ... Read More

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8 reviews

Fair 70%

Rogue Legacy is a platformer + roguelike fusion. It's a whole lot of fun and provides a great challenge along with it. As the player you will be dying a lot, but strangely that doesn't take any enjoyment away from the game. As a matter of fact dying is such a focal point that it actually improves the experience. The 'punishment' for deaths is spot on, and playing through the game with different classes (which directly relates to the 'deaths' you ... Read More

Positive points
Fun, simplistic gameplay that is also a great challenge
Nice sprites/artwork
Randomly generated dungeons
Negative points
Crashes on exit constantly (PS3)
Game is rather short, psuedo-randomness
No way to view outside of the screen - can make luck a big factor
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32 reviews

Alright 80%

Great platforming fun. Best gamepad game of 2013 =) (Seriously, do not bother playing with keyboard on this one. Gamepad is the only good choice here.) Retro 8 bit graphics + neat humour in detail + fast-paced skill-based action-paced button-smash arcade-platformer sweety-goodness. Neat uprage and progress system, hard boss-fights, different types of classes play differently. Easily best 10-15 bucks game out there. PS. Also has a game+ type of t... Read More