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The ninth release in KOEI's Romance of the Three Kingdoms series casts players as rising rulers in ancient China and challenges them to unite the land under their rule. Following the basic design of earlier titles, players develop and manage large armies as they maneuver across the wide countryside, using both military force and diplomatic finesse to win territory and followers. The hard-core strategy framework is fleshed out with a variety of mission types, branching storylines, and an embellished adherence to the actual history and culture of the setting.

Features in this edition include the ability to manage both political and military aspects of the empire, at the same time, allowing players to continue to negotiate while their troops are in battle. While this version of the game resumes the limitation that player characters must be of the Ruler class, officer development has been revised to allow greater control in developing followers. KOEI fans who also play Dynasty Warriors 4 and Dynasty Tactics 2 can use their save files to unlock a powerful, exclusive officer character.

More than two-dozen Challenge scenarios, including 15 historical battles

Use diplomacy and military might at the same time or shift strategies when appropriate

More than 30 different tactics involving 12 military formations