Samurai Warriors 3

Genre: Hack and slash/Beat 'em up

Samurai Warriors 3 is the third installment in the Samurai Warriors series. Like other games in the series, the game reinvents the story based on the Sengoku period of Japan, a period where Japan was ruled by powerful daimyos and where constant military conflict and much political intrigue happened that lasted from the middle of 16th century to the... Read More

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This is an action game in which players assume the role of an officer in battle who must fend off hordes of enemy soldiers to complete mission objectives. Players can defeat commanders, rescue allies, and hack-and-slash at enemies on an ancient battlefield. Players use maces, staffs, fans, swords, and guns to kill hordes of soldiers, demons, and mythical creatures. Enemies react to damage by screaming in pain and flinging back from the impact of the frenetic, swiping hits. A few female characters wear revealing outfits, and a couple of cutscenes focus on their cleavage and buttocks. One character is depicted smoking a pipe during cutscenes.
The content of this game is suitable for persons aged 12 years and over only. It contains: Non realistic looking violence towards human characters This game allows the player to interact with other players ONLINE
ViolenceOnline Gameplay

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