Time until Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends release!

Already released in Japan [JP] on Wii

RegionTime leftPlatform
Japan [JP]Wii
Japan [JP]PlayStation 3
Japan [JP]PlayStation Portable



Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends is the first expansion of the 2009 title Samurai Warriors 3. The game introduces two new modes, the "Original Career" mode which allows the opportunity to create original scenarios by completing missions and acquiring gold to increase the player's abilities and strength, as well as the series staple "Challenge" mode that has three challenges of varying objectives. It also adds new weapons, items, two new difficulty levels ("Novice" and "Hell") and stories for characters that did not have them in the original. The game also has online functionality which was not possible in the original. It was also released for the PlayStation 3 on the same day under the title of Samurai Warriors 3 Z. This version has updated graphics compared to the Wii, but removes the Murasame Castle mode.