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Already released in Japan [JP] on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

RegionTime leftPlatform
Japan [JP]Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Worldwide [WW]Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)



An RPG published by Kemco for the Famicom. It was never released outside of Japan.

Sanada Juu Yuushi (roughly "Sanada Ten Braves") is a Sengoku era themed RPG featuring ninjas. The Sanada in question is Yukimura Sanada, the second son of one of the more important daimyos (feudal lords) of that era, who is purported to have had ten legendary ninjas helping his war efforts - the same ten braves referred to by the game's title.

The game's general plot has Sanada finding and recruiting the titular ten braves, usually with the caveat that the player helps them with a task before they'll agree to join the party. The menu-driven RPG battles are a little unusual as each is a one-on-one battle with a singular opponent - however, the player is free to choose from any of the characters they've already recruited, changing the character in the subsequent round if they so wish.