Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore is another famous RPG developed and released by Square in 1995. A day at the movies for a young boy & his dog turns into an adventure that spans across several different time periods and locations, on their journey the...

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Review: Trtreibers Review

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Much like I remember when it first came out, this game was ultimately underwhelming. It felt like it lacked so much polish that other Squaresoft games of the same era had. The story was pretty lacking in the depth department, the characters were barebones, and the progression through the game was goofy to say the least. Felt somehow hollow, BUT I will give it praise for the music- Jeremy Soule was the shining gem in this mediocre mess of a game.

Score Breakdown

"The Tale"
Story- 6
Pacing- 7
Characters- 6
Originality- 8
Linearity- 6
Length- 7
Epicness- 7

"The Presentation"
Visuals- 7
Display- 7
Music- 8
Sound FX- 7

"The Mechanics"
Ease of Use- 8
Innovation- 6
Replayability- 5

Positive points
  • Pretty original plot
  • surprisingly good music
  • pretty easy
Negative points
  • Kind of fruitless narrative that makes replaying it unnecessary


Total score