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Sengoku Ace

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Genre: Shooter

Platforms: Arcade, Mobile

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Sengoku Ace (Sengoku Ace (戦国エース Sengoku Ēsu)), fully titled Sengoku Ace: Tengai Episode I and also known as Samurai Aces in the English version, is a vertically-scrolling shoot 'em up video game originally released in the arcades by Psikyo in 1993. The first game by Psikyo, Sengoku Ace was designed by Shin Nakamura, the creator of Aero Fighters (Sonic Wings) and the company's founder. The game features 21 endings, different... Read More

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The science fantasy story of Sengoku Ace resolves around the six Feudal Japan (Sengoku period) characters sent on a mission to stop an evil cult and rescue the shogun's kidnapped daughter, princess Tsukihime (Moon Princess), before she can be used as a sacrifice to resurrect their demon god.