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Ever wondered which of your friends could protect you with their eyes closed? Find out in Sentree - a cooperative, physical mobile game for 2 or more players about keeping a cool head and helping each other survive through the night in a dark, unfriendly forest. In Sentree, the Hero protects the tiny Antlers with her bulky flashlight that shoots light beams, which scares increasingly aggressive monsters back into hiding. However, the Hero (or shooter) is unable to see these monstrous apparitions, and must rely on the Antlers to point her in the right direction. The Antlers (or spotters), can see everything, but cannot defend themselves. In the real world, this means that the player with the role of the shooter is holding a smartphone and can fire, reload and aim, while the spotter or spotters are looking at a tablet device with a depiction of the game world. Sentree hinges entirely on communication between players. Mastering Sentree will require you to build or draw on trust relationships, and at the same time offers an engaging way to entertain people at a party.