Serena is a freeware horror adventure game developed by several video game development companies, including Senscape, CBE Software, Infamous Quests, Digital Media Workshop and Guys from Andromeda.

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A man sits alone in a cabin, surrounded by memories of his past and his one true love; Serena. How long has he been here? Where is Serena? Every space in the cabin of his evokes memories: some loving, some strong, and some confusing. Experience the man’s story to its disturbing conclusion and learn the truth of Serena.

It is important to note that Serena is not a game; it is an interactive story. You will experience the tale by going to various places in the cabin and looking at items or places which you will monologue about and, therefore, get more of the story. You will do this for every item in the cabin. More monologuing with the same items but with different memories opens when you have completed the first set of items and areas. You will do this several times throughout the story. With that in mind, let us take a look at Serena.

The visual ascetics of Serena are beautiful. While you only experience the cabin; the way it is portrayed is beautiful and haunting and helps lend to the story. The art style is somewhat photorealistic and manages to transport you into the lonely cabin along with the protagonist and makes for a very cramped and isolated atmosphere.

The story is okay, with the last bit of the game being the most exciting. The voice acting is well done and is used predominantly through Serena. The point and click style game was, perhaps, not my favorite part—I would have rather been able to walk around the environment freely but it is what it is.

Serana was in interesting story to take part in; parts of it stuck out to me as wow, and others just meh. Overall, with Serena being free and only taking about an hour to complete, it is worth it to give it a try and see what you think.

Positive points
  • Beautiful environment,
  • Interesting story,
  • Currently FREE on Steam
Negative points
  • Short
  • No save files


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