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Releasing: December 15, 1989

Sgt Slaughter wants you-but only if you’ve got the guts to wrestle the meanest, toughest, ugliest wrestlers in town and the street-smarts to be a wheeling. dealing wrestling manager.

March into the ring and try all of the Sarge’s favorite moves-like a killer KO punch, a brutal body slam, or a ferocious flying pin. You can even throw your opponent over the ropes and fight outside the ring! Fight the ugly mugs in the league one by one and work your way through the ranks. Win, and you'll pick up a little combat pay and close ranks on a championship payoff. Lose, and you're likely to get Sgt Slaughter's dishonorable discharge.

Outside the ring, change roles and become a cunning. worldly-wise manager. Bid for the best wrestler you can afford in Sgt Slaughter's Auction House. Then take him to one of the wrestling joints in town.

If he’s green. you'll have to start him off in a sleazy gym. If and when he’s good enough. he’ll be a headliner at the high-class Main Arena for the championship! Sgt Slaughter wants you to be all you can be in this complete professional wrestling simulation.

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