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Shadow Complex (Credits)

Donald MustardCreative Director
/games/shadow-complex/creditsTechnical Director
Peter DavidScript
Jared TrulockSenior Artist
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSenior Artist
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSenior Artist
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSenior Artist
Orlando BarrowesSenior Artist
Ron O'HaraSenior Programmer
Joshua AndersenSenior Programmer
Howard PhillipsStudio Director
Laura HeebPublicity
Very Special Thanks
Orson Scott CardVery Special Thanks
Special Thanks
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSpecial Thanks
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSpecial Thanks
Cameron DaytonSpecial Thanks

Epic Games

Cliff BleszinskiDesign Consultant
Chris MielkeProduction Manager
Quality Assurance
Prince Arrington IVSenior Game Test Manager
Roger CollumLead Tester
Jeff AlbertTester
Jess AmmermanTester
John ElliottTester
Shelley FranklinTester
Michael GonzalesTester
Sam GonzalezTester
Donald WhiteTester
Additional Contributor
Rod FergussonExecutive Producer
Chris BartlettSenior Graphic Designer
Greg MitchellSenior Cinematics Director
Maury MountainArtist
Mikey SpanoSenior Artist
Ray DavisLead Programmer
Chris PernaArt Director
Demond RogersSenior Level Designer
Steve PolgeSenior Engine Programmer
John ScottSenior Engine Programmer
Michael CappsPresident
Tim SweeneyTechnical Director
Mark ReinVP Marketing
Jay WilburVP Biz Dev
Jay AndrewsGeneral Counsel
Sarah AsbyExecutive Assistant
Joe BabcockCFO
Dana CowleySenior PR Manager
Sheri ChristieIP and Contacts Administrator
Anne DubeOffice Manager
Kimberly EudyHR Director
Special Thanks
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSpecial Thanks
Nick AtamasSpecial Thanks
Andrew BainsSpecial Thanks
Andy BayleSpecial Thanks
Scott BigwoodSpecial Thanks
Shane CaudleSpecial Thanks
Karlo CedenoSpecial Thanks
Phil ColeSpecial Thanks
Alex ConnerSpecial Thanks
Derek CornishSpecial Thanks
Woody EntSpecial Thanks
Jeremy ErnstSpecial Thanks
Jerry GillandSpecial Thanks
James GoldingSpecial Thanks
Steven HainesSpecial Thanks
Matt HancySpecial Thanks
Pete HayesSpecial Thanks
Tanya JessenSpecial Thanks
Wyeth JohnsonSpecial Thanks
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSpecial Thanks
Mike LarsonSpecial Thanks
John LibertoSpecial Thanks
John MauneySpecial Thanks
Matt MontagueSpecial Thanks
Lee PerrySpecial Thanks
Shane SmithSpecial Thanks
Jon TaylorSpecial Thanks
Chris BordersVoice Casting Director
Technicolor Creative ServicesVoice-Over Recording and Editing (Support Company)
Sleepwalker MediaCinematic Assistance (Support Company)
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSound Designer
Joey KurasSound Desgin
Jamey ScottSound Desgin
/games/shadow-complex/creditsOriginal Music
/games/shadow-complex/creditsOriginal Music

Microsoft Game Studios

Xbox Live Arcade Team
Mark CoatesProducer
/games/shadow-complex/creditsTest Lead
/games/shadow-complex/creditsExcell Date Corporation
Andrew WilliamsRelease Management Team
Matt GolzSoftware Test Manager
Cherie LutzProduct Planning & Business Team
Jason IngMarketing
Kristen MiyakeMarketing

VMC Game Labs

Jeremiah ArmstrongTester Lead
Scott GriffithsTest Manager
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSenior Test Lead
Cala PoseySenior Test Lead
Kelly ShipmanTest Lead
Stephen BonaciTest
Michelle JuettTest
Anthony TregreTest

Microsoft Game Studios

Joshua OrtegaStory Consultant
Melanie HenryEditor
Virginia SpencerInternational Project Manager
Malika KherfiLocalization - FIGS-PT
Ricardo CordobaLocalization - FIGS-PT
Shinya MutoLocalization - Japan
Masato IshidaLocalization - Japan
Kyoung Ho HanLocalization - Korea
Jae Youn KimLocalization - Korea
Young Hoon ShimLocalization - Korea
Sang Min ParkLocalization - Korea
Lana PengLocalization - Taiwan
Jason ChengLocalization - Taiwan
Chuck HarrisonConsumer Research
John HopsonConsumer Research
TJ DuezMultiplayer Test Team
Scott BerfieldSpecial Thanks
Ken LobbSpecial Thanks
/games/shadow-complex/creditsSpecial Thanks
Scott FintelSpecial Thanks
Kevin HathawaySpecial Thanks
Doug McBrideSpecial Thanks
Ted WoolseySpecial Thanks
Oliver MiyashitaSpecial Thanks
Kevin SalcedoSpecial Thanks
Keith CirilloSpecial Thanks

Shadow Complex

89 /100

Released: 2009

Shadow Complex is presented in 2.5D format; the game world is fully three-dimensional, but the player can only move in two dimensions, simulating the environment of a classic side-scrolling video game. Enemies can,...