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Abigaile Ortiz tells Lara Croft in Mission of San Juan that she read from her grandmother's journal of a vision of a future. She asked that they meet up again after Lara has taken care of the Silver Box of Ix Chel problem she currently faces.
Later after the battle in Paititi, Lara went back to Mission of San Juan. She met up with Abigaile, Jonah Maiava, and Q'orianka. Q'orianka told Lara that the Yaaxil had cone missing, and Abigaile revealed that this was her grandmother's vision. They found tunnels beneath the library, that connected Mission of San Juan and Paititi. Lara went to investigate, fourght some Trinity soldiers, also tracking the Yaaxil, and found a broken silver gate to the realm of Xquic. Lara learns the history of the Yaaxil there, and finds a "Thank You" note left to her by Crimson Fire.


Release Dates
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Co-operative, Single player
Adventure, Shooter
Action, Historical, Mystery, Survival
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