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Ninoishes Review [6.0/10]

This game was pretty, it had some charm to it. But holy moly this one was on thin ice for me. I played the entire reboot trilogy of Tomb Raider and this one wasn't it, it dragged along even after the "fake outs" of the ending multiple times. And the progression system felt so underwhelming it feels like you could literally play the game with ha...

hanswerner99s Review [5.0/10]

Lara Crofts reboot trilogy is now at an end, and sadly they didn't end on the highest of notes. I need to say Shadow of the Tomb Raider isn't a bad game, but it will be forgettable. Especially with games like Uncharted 4 on the market, it's just disappointing how much effort was put into unnecessary crafting systems instead of the story or cinem...

ursuXpandas Review [8.0/10]

I like the game, but the crafting system and habilities are very expensives (no with money of course) the case of habilities, Lara need complete some misions (principal and secundary) for earn 1 o 2 Experience money, so the habilities cost normally 3 money Exp. and she have to unlock i think like 50 habilities, that's the reason that the ga...

Remus Review [10.0/10]

Great game for the finale of this new Tomb Raider reboot trilogy. Not that much combat but an intriguing story, great locations and visuals and plenty of fun puzzles to tackle.

AlexandruUngureanus Review [6.0/10]

weakest story of the trilogy till now, fewer shooting action, lots of bugs when playing with the xbox controller.

Fluffs Review [9.0/10]

I loved the game. I played it on ultrawide - high details - 2K. It is such a beautiful game. I loved the all the stages when outside which is most of the game. The jungle part is superb, hunting is simplistic but I enjoyed it greatly. The gameplay is similar to the others so I played in difficult mode, I think the experience was much better, it...

DingleDongles Review [8.0/10]

I feel like this game is underrated. The story is the weakest of the three and the combat doesn't really hold onto you, but I feel like this game, Crystal Dynamics finally pushed itself to truly stand out from it's long time comparitor Uncharted. Some of the tombs in this game are wonderful and it is truly the best attempt at it we've had in a l...