Time until Shadow the Hedgehog release day!

Please note, this is a countdown to the release day. The actual hour can vary.

Already released in North America [NA] on Xbox

RegionTime left until release dayPlatform
North America [NA]Xbox
North America [NA]PlayStation 2
North America [NA]Nintendo GameCube
Europe [EU]Xbox
Europe [EU]PlayStation 2
Europe [EU]Nintendo GameCube
Australia [AU]PlayStation 2
Japan [JP]Nintendo GameCube
Japan [JP]Xbox
Japan [JP]PlayStation 2
Japan [JP]PlayStation Network


The world is in peril as forces, both good and evil, make a play for the powerful Chaos Emeralds. In Shadow the Hedgehog, you can control Shadow and choose which side to fight for. This 3D platformer lets you use weapons, vehicles, environmental objects, and time and space manipulation to combat your foes. Although it is a 3D platform game as with the more recent Sonic Adventure games, the game's levels each feature up to three different missi... Read More

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