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Shadows of Cairn

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Genre: Adventure, Platform, Role-playing (RPG)

Platforms: PC DOS, Atari ST/STE, Amiga

Similar to Prince of Persia, there are two major parts of play in Shadows of Cairn, both of which take place in the game itself. There's the platforming aspect of the game where you must guide Quinn over pits and through obstacles by running, jumping, climbing, and even hiding. There's also the fighting aspect of the game where Quinn has to fight enemies to progress by using an assortment of high, medium, or low punches or kic... Read More

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The story of Shadows of Cairn revolves around Quinn, the apprentice thief, and his trials and tribulations. As stated, Quinn is an apprentice thief. Quinn has a problem, however, in that he is too honest to actually steal anything worth value and prove himself to his guild. As such, his guild master sets him up to take the fall for the murder of the Duke of Cairn.[3] After escaping from his holding cell, Quinn must fight and sneak his way through several areas of the tiered outpost city in the mountains of Cairn and prove his innocence and save the outpost from the greedy menace of his former master and associates.